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Default Re: TWG 187 Senpai [Post Game]

Originally Posted by DaBackpack View Post
I know you've probably thought about this a lot but it would be a good idea to assemble a kind of form/sheet that each host has to fill out for the purposes of maintaining TWG history/stats sheets

the biggest problem I faced when trying to parse the TWG history thread is the lack of uniformity in the presentation of information. the results for each game were written by the hosts in their own format so there was no real standard, which made text parsing difficult. add on top of that lack of consistency of certain games (e.g. the Villains games where "green" was actually "wolf") and the task was just intractable computationally

Like in competitive sports the refs are usually asked to fill out a simple sheet with: Score tally, time remaining, winner, and these sheets are handed to the tourney manager so that maintenance of the tourney is easy and there's no real interpretive element.

just my unsolicited 2c
its just beyond fucked at this point
its going to be best just to get it overwith the long, hard way first before worrying about anything else
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