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Coinsidentally, I was thinking about getting on for mag feeding. You can just keep the game idle and feed mags all day if you wish. Thought it'd help towards the beginning. -ephinea
This looked the best more recently and play it occasionally, it's been a couple years now though. Been playing PSO since gamecube. Clocked in about 127 on there, accidentally reset, clocked in about the same amount again, lost it again. List my shitserv or whatever they called that at the time, pretty sure that's gone. Absolutely love this game.
Ephinea's a fair server, looked most similar to the authentic psobb. Still have some goals in this game I wanna achieve. Haven't played in a little bit but still have it installed, this is one of my alltime favorites. Still got some personal goals that need achieved on there.
On ephinea I'm still newer, think the top level character is like 25. Still trying to figure out the login and might have to restart which is ok. I'll still play it
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