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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Sunday, September 20, 2015 9:40 PM EST

Updates from last week:
- Set 3 in September 2014 has finally been finished with the passed file being judged, and the results are posted here. Reviews have also been posted in the Batch Review Thread.
- Planning can be found in this post.
- Web development applications have opened up and remain until 9/25/15.
- lurker is 83% done with his judgments on his half of Set 2. DossarLX ODI will be working on the second half of Set 2 after the reviewing web development applications.
- Set 1 might be split up between lurker and DossarLX ODI. For now it is assigned to DossarLX ODI.
- Finalization of the New Judgment System is planned to be resolved on 9/21/15.
- Judgment for the first phase of the Hard Songs Batch is planned to start Friday 9/24/15, so stepartists should send in any updates to current submissions by that day. The High FGO Special Batch will remain open past September -- more details to come on this. Judging for September/October 2014 will also still be in progress when this happens.
- DossarLX ODI will contact noname219 for more information about possible web development scenarios for the applicants who are accepted.

To Do

9/22/15 Song Release
Prepare song release (song info, thread, FPP) - Dossar
Determine difficulties for the release - One Winged Angel

Batch Search Engine
Put in years for Latest Update Field - Unassigned
Get notes and length for Special Batch Files - Unassigned
Add notes and length fields to JSONs - Dossar

Judge Hard Song Batch
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 1 (Lead) - One Winged Angel
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 1 (Reviewer) - Dossar

Passed Files
Judge Passed Files - Set 2 - Unassigned

Judge Passed Files - Unassigned
Set 1 Full Notes (3rd notes) - Dossar
Set 2 Second Half Notes (1st notes) - Dossar

Web Development Opportunities
End applications (9/25/15) - Dossar
Put together web development tasks - Dossar

In Progress

Batch Search Engine
Define Acceptance Criteria - hi19hi19

Rework Judgment System
Finalize new judgment system method - Silvuh

Set 2 First Half Notes (1st notes) - lurker


Passed Files
Judge Passed Files - Set 3 - Dossar

Set 1 Full Notes (1st notes) - ilikexd
Set 1 Full Notes (2nd Notes) - Silvuh
Set 2 Full Notes (2nd notes) - DarkZtar
Set 2 Full Notes (3rd notes) - gameboy42690
Set 3 Full Notes (1st notes) - lurker
Set 3 Full Notes (3rd notes) - gameboy42690
Set 3 Full Notes (2nd notes) - Silvuh

Web Development Opportunities
Create Thread Post for User Applications - Dossar
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