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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Sunday, September 6, 2015 9:47 PM EST

Updates from last week:
- The Batch Search Engine has launched in its first version and still awaits feedback for improvement. Length and Notes fields for the Song Submissions have been suggested to also aid stepartists in determining whether the currently documented submission is not the song cut that's being used or if the submission doesn't have the right number of notes.
- The High FGO Special Batch has opened for submissions.
- Length and Notes fields for the High FGO Special Batch are being considered, although is low priority for now. blanky has been contacted to add a potential extension to his NPS Generator program for exporting song length and difficulty out to a file.
- The last set of notes for Set 3 has been assigned to Silvuh.
- The last set of notes for Set 1 is still assigned to Razor although due to lack of responsiveness Set 1 will be reassigned to DossarLX ODI.
- The last set of notes for Set 2 are still being worked on by lurker and ilikexd.
- A new Judgment System is in the works and an agreement with the GMs on its initial concept is planned to happen within the next three days. this new Judgement System will be applied to the High FGO Special Batch and the old system will no longer be used after September/October 2014 is finished.
- The 9/8/15 Song Release is being determined. After that release, two more files will be available in the batch and thus September 2014 is currently the highest priority -- the assigned tasks are mentioned above.

To Do

Batch Search Engine
Put in years for Latest Update Field - Unassigned
Get notes and length for Special Batch Files - Unassigned
Add notes and length fields to JSONs - Dossar

Judge Passed Files - Unassigned

9/8/15 Song Release
Determine two songs to be released - Dossar
Prepare song release (song info, thread, FPP) - Dossar

In Progress

Batch Search Engine
Define Acceptance Criteria - hi19hi19

Rework Judgment System
Revise recorded points - Dossar

Set 1 Full Notes (3rd notes) - Razor
Set 2 First Half Notes (1st notes) - lurker
Set 2 Second Half Notes (1st notes) - ilikexd
Set 3 Full Notes (2nd notes) - Silvuh


Batch Search Engine
Make parser to turn CSV into JSON - Dossar
Implement site functionality - Dossar
Run live demo on cloud9 - Dossar

Set 1 Full Notes (1st notes) - ilikexd
Set 1 Full Notes (2nd Notes) - Silvuh
Set 2 Full Notes (2nd notes) - DarkZtar
Set 2 Full Notes (3rd notes) - gameboy42690
Set 3 Full Notes (1st notes) - lurker
Set 3 Full Notes (3rd notes) - gameboy42690

Put together hard song batch
Download and organize the batches - Silvuh
Run NPS generator through the batches - Silvuh
Determine current batch files for hard batch - Dossar
Determine high FGO+ files - OWA
Discuss opening the Special Batch - Dossar
Discuss difficulty spectrum increase idea - Dossar
Create Thread Post - Dossar

Rework Judgment System
Record discussed points into a document - Silvuh
Discuss alternative judge method with GMs - Dossar
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