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Default Re: Starcraft 2 Tourney

Originally Posted by Reach View Post

Another way to break PvP XD

You can do something similar with a 2gate in your opps main where you block the pylon, but that is hard countered by immediate forge.

This, on the other hand...really really sucks. Hope you don't get scouted first, or spawn on xel naga caverns. 9 scout is already really popular in PvP, since it's easier to catch cheese; it's no big leap to just start going forge first when you scout first and doing this every time. Re-expanding will not work.

It's not exactly new; seen it in bw, I've had it done to me twice on the ladder, both of which were successful, but I never really gave it a second thought. On maps where this is possible, I might actually consider it, since it's a free win (They would also have to scout first, see forge, and send two probes behind their mineral line.)

This may or may not put you ahead in PvT as well. Hard to say; would depend on whether or not they came to you with early marines (if not you can just fast expand and be way way ahead)
u still bronze reach
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