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Default Re: TWG 187 Senpai [Post Game]


In this game's case. The information was, in fact, in thread. So I think making that comparison is a bit of a stretch.

I, and only myself, had information I should not have.

This game however. Everyone had information they should not have. Which is why I saw it as fair game in my previous post, heh.

Though, honestly, at that point, it's either town wins by lame means, or Devonin confusing town players with incorrect information due to the error. I think that's the route Devonin took to dismiss the error anyways, lol.

Also also, I think Xiz should've also specified that Soundwave should not have been killed and thus no KILLING action was done against them. That's just me though, because otherwise town would have incorrect information regarding kill power which would muddy up reads significantly (which I'm sure did a little bit).

Either that or just end the game in a draw or something officially with an unnofficial wolf win (because no one was going to catch Devonin probably if Soundwave didn't die and Gradiant didn't post.)

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All in all I would say that Charu not only won this game, his play made me reconsider how I play it.

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