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Default Re: TWG 187 Senpai [Post Game]

I do not disagree that some things are impossible to unread and unthink
This particular situation falls in an area of ambiguity. There are other situations which are less ambiguous as to where the responsibility lies. For example, think of when Charu used that one vulnerability on profiles which used to show which thread or even specific post people were viewing. He was able to catch sunfan/litodude/I forget the third by seeing that they were all viewing the same thread. Charu stumbled across this fact accidentally (he saw the first player viewing the post and had the natural curiosity to check if the others were doing the same; when there was a match, his brain could only think one thing). If this wasn't just a "Wait, did that just work?" scenario and Charu was actually hiding this secret strategy, THEN that would definitely be cheating. No, this isn't really using host wording to angleshoot, but it's a similar situation. If it's obvious a player is attempting to overread and interpret something from the host's posts to try and confirm game information (not organically like that Charu situation), then we might have to lean on the side of this rule being broken.
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