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Default Re: July/August 2016 Set 3

5-25-001 Orchestra [7/10]: Overall, this is a pretty fun file. The jumps at the beginning could be single notes to continue the consistency of the grace section (m1-m6). m8-m16 could've used bursts instead.

Alone [7.5/10]: I really like the file. Some of the stream didn't make sense though. I especially thought the dense stream from m36-m57 could've had a bunch of minijacks in those sections instead.

Credits [5/10]: While the beginning did feel nice and onbeat, the rest of the file felt like a dump file where nothing really went to anything except for maybe a couple of the minijacks.

dust [10/10]: This is a perfect easy file that gives the beginner player a tutorial on difficulty spikes. The buildup (m17-m33) makes the file even more fun.

Light of the Seven [9/10]: A nice, fun, easy file to play. Yes, it's on beat, an easy file with constant stops can feel weird at times but it is still fun.
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