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Default Re: TWG 192: Sunfan's Cool Game Game Thread

Originally Posted by psychoangel691 View Post
Really hate that it keeps being called a slip when it was legit me fucking up the role in my head.

you know we can't trust that at face value

If you're town I get what you're feeling and I'm hoping the claims give us something to work with. But there's only 8 players left and things aren't fucking working so I'm going back to basics here.

Not sure what makes storn so pure, would love an explanation on that.

It's the consistency in giving unique reads and having at least some conviction in what he believes. He's putting the work in, and he hasn't been afraid to say what's on his mind, even if it doesn't totally make sense. That's town storn.

You were really dead set on it being FG/Xel last round so I'd like to hear what you gathered from that.

I was wrong, and my previous "FG defense" argument about roundbox doesn't hold any water. This makes it more crucial to revisit that EoD and see what the fuck happened because a CFD happened against two townies onto a third towny. This is something I don't think I've ever seen before. Or at least, not seen a wolf manipulate it that way. If it turns out that it really was just paranoia of town in the last second, that means the wolves are people who took a step back and lacked investment in the outcome, which should be observable with a reread. If my gut is true then this is what happened, and we (I) put too much stake into thinking the wolves artificially created this scenario
To be honest I don't have a lot to go off of, besides that most of this game I've been barking up the wrong tree. If there are three wolves then almost half of the game is a wolf. Looking at recent connections, Raeko's defense of psychoangel yesterday pairs them together, and keeps Plop since he insisted on the slip. If plop is a wolf then it kinda has to be plop/gradiant/roundbox

atm I think roundbox can fit on a lot of teams

so please massclaim, we need this now

Originally Posted by TWG Dan Hedgehog View Post
there are 743 matches for hedgehog suicide on deviantart
that's kind of a sad statistic
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