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Default Amazings Only Tournament!

Amazings Only Tournament!

That's right! In this tournament, only Amazings count towards your score! Call it MA or AA or whatever you wish, but here, only the best accuracy counts. Your score each round will be your Amazing count on the selected song for the round.


Thank you everyone for participating! I have calculated the prizes as follows -

Player	884447	884,447
One Winged Angel 55000	1st
FFR Pro 21	55000	1st
Deidara837	55000	1st
AragakiAyase	55000	1st
cocoapuffs999	55000	1st
Elite Ninja	45000	2nd
gabrieljd	45000	2nd
Kawaii025	45000	2nd
Doughdough	45000	2nd
Tsniper	        40000	3rd 
badman7772	40000	3rd 
KLiTz	        40000	3rd 
HardstyleLover	40000	3rd 
ShadowDueler97	36000	4th
MarcusHawkins	36000	4th
Mourningfall	33000	5th
Kawaiimachine	33000	5th
awein999	31000	6th
DissonantMuse	31000	6th
ShurykaN	29447	7th
botchi246	10000	3 Rounds Complete
J Mills	        10000	3 Rounds Complete
manicpies89     10000	3 Rounds Complete
darkedge22	 10000	3 Rounds Complete

Round 4 Begins!

Division Songs:

D6 - Queen of Bootlegs 73
D5 - May The Triforce Be With You 66
D4 - Toph's OP 53
D2-3 - Rainbow Road [Zorsy] 34

Submissions are to be made with screenshots only, No Replays

This round ends Saturday, October 17th at 11:59 P.M. Server Time!


Round 3 Begins!

Division Songs:

D6 - Gravity Blast 69
D5 - Final Step 63
D4 - Pupil of Frenzy 51
D2-3 - I Remember When 32

Submissions are to be made with screenshots only, No Replays

This round ends Monday, October 12th at 11:59 P.M. Server Time!


Note: I will be out of town from now until Saturday, so I will be unavailable until Saturday night.

Round 2 Begins!

Division Songs:

D7 - Across Rooftops 81
D6 - ETERNAL DRAIN [Heavy] 67
D5 - Cosmic Orchestra 60
D4 - Rumia, Sealed Youkai of the Night 50
D2-3 - -Y 28

Submissions are to be made with screenshots only, No Replays

This round ends Thursday, October 8th at 11:59 P.M. Server Time!


Round 1 Begins!

Division Songs:

D7 - Frictional Nevada 78
D6 - Kil Stage 64
D5 - Turbulence 56
D4 - Z 48
D2-3 - Battle Squadron Menu (Juno Reaktor Mix) 27

Submissions are to be made with screenshots only, No Replays

This round ends Sunday, October 4th at 11:59 P.M. Server Time!

Legal Details -

Late scores will be penalized 50 amazings per 12 hours late, for up to one round. Nonsubmitters more than one round late will be dropped. Only those who complete all four rounds will be eligible for credit prizes.

Upon user request, I made the following rule -

Players may submit a score via PM to me. For these particular scores, I will mark in the spreadsheet that a score was submitted, but not post the score itself until after the round is over. This will be optional, and players are still welcome to post in the thread.


The Rundown ----

Round Length - 4 Days
Songs Per Round - 1
Rounds - 4
Scoring - Cumulative Amazing Count
Submissions - Screenshots Only, Replays will Not be accepted.
Screenshots must include your username and the Amazing count must be shown
Start Date - 10/01
Divisions - 5 to 7 Depending on Sign Ups

FFR's Leaderboard system's division placement will be the default for participants, But I have the right to shift borderline players up or down based on their level ranks and based on the spread in skill of those who have signed up for the tournament.
Placement discussions are to take place in PMs only!
Regression from prior skill will not be a factor in your divisional placement.

The "Be Amazing" Rule!
This rule is to
A) Play the best you can play
B) Don't cheat
C) Treat others in the thread with respect

It's that simple.

I have the right to remove participants who refuse to follow this rule.

Prize Pool

Feel free to contribute!

Current Pool: 884,447 Credits

I will start the Pot out with 200,000 Credits

Amazing People who have donated to the prize pool:
psychoangel691 - 150,000
Lambdadelta - 130,014
_Zenith_ - 100,000
helphelp11 - 59,895
thesunfan - 50,000
DissonantMuse - 50,000
Deidara837 - 50,000
KLiTz - 50,000
TheThong - 34,567
Kawaii025 - 10,001

Spreadsheet Link:

FFR Pro 21
One Winged Angel
J Mills


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