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Default Re: TWG History Thread v3

TWG XXI: X-Men Lockdown
Postgame thread

Hosted by: FishFishRevolution
Humans Win
MVP: Tasselfoot

1. mead1 (Juggernaut) Lynched Day Six
2. HansSky (Magneto) Lynched Day One
3. chardish Survived to Win
4. aperson Lynched Day Four
5. Omeganitros Survived to Win
6. Torlock Wolfkilled Night One
7. blahblah18 Survived to Win
8. talisman Wolfkilled Night Five
9. Kilgamayan (Morph) Wolfkilled Night Two
10. lightdarkness (Professor X) Survived to Win
11. evilbutterfly Wolfkilled Night Six
12. JurseyRider734 (Colossus) Survived to Win
13. nforcer06164 Lynched Day Three
14. Tps222 (Apocalypse) Lynched Day Two
15. QreepyBORIS Wolfkilled Night Four
16. Afrobean (Sabretooth) Lynched Day Five
17. GuidoHunter Survived to Win
18. Tasselfoot (Bookie) Won the Game

Host Comments:
MVP Award to Tass for keeping everyone on task and leading a generally productive game altogether.

Honorable Mention to Kilga for doing exactly what he should've with the Morph role. Oh and also to everyone who helped break the Morph role on Night 1.

Cookie to talisman, who PMed me on like Day 2 or 3 with who the guardian was.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with RPing even though most of you hated it. =D Good game everyone.


TWG XXII: Vampire Melee
Postgame thread

Hosted by: whorlichan
Game Cancelled
MVP: --

1. Tasselfoot (Vampire Seer)
2. stretchypanda (Master Blue/Seer) Vampire killed Night One
3. FishFishRevolution Removed at request of Player Day Two
4. The_Q Lynched Day one
5. JurseyRider734
6. Afrobean
7. HansSky (Psychic)
8. QreepyBORIS
9. talisman
10. Torlock
11. lightdarkness (Master Vampire)
12. chardish (Guardian) Vampirekilled Night Two
13. Kilgamayan Modkilled^ Day Two
14. alainbryden (Vampire) Modkilled^ Day Two
15. flypie743
16. blahblah18 Removed at request of Player Day Two
^Both Modkills occured for the following reason: Excessive swearing

Host Comments:
Please stop complaining to me.

The game is over. It shouldn't have started. I'm sorry for pissing everybody off, regardless of how upset I was due to the actions of some players.

I was very happy people enjoyed my game to a point. Thanks for that much.


TWG XXIII: Assault on France!
Postgame thread

Hosted by: mead1
Humans Win
MVP: None Named

16 Players.
1. FishFishRevolution
2. Tasselfoot
3. nickadeemus
4. nforcer06164
5. dAnceguy117
6. mattc16
7. Kilgamayan
8. Afrobean
9. talisman
10. lightdarkness
11. Tps222
12. GuidoHunter
13. HansSky
14. QreepyBORIS
15. evilbutterfly
16. blahblah18

Tasselfoot (Lynched Day 4)
nickadeemus (Lynched Day 5)
mattc16 (Suicided Night 1)
GuidoHunter (Lynched Day 6)

FishFishRevolution (Wolfed Night 4)
talisman (Survived to win)

nforcer06164 (Survived to win)
blahblah18 (Wolfed Night 2)

Kilgamayan (Lynched Day 1)
dAnceguy117 (Lynched Day 2)

Afrobean (Survived to win)
HansSky (Survived to win)

Tps222 (Lynched Day 3)
QreepyBORIS (Wolfed Night 3)

lightdarkness (Guardian, wolfed Night 6 )
evilbutterfly (Lone Human, survived to win)

Host Comments:
GG humans.


TWG XXIV: Calvin and Hobbes
Postgame thread

Hosted by: flypie743
Humans Win
MVP: --

1. nickadeemus Wolfkilled Night Three
2. Tasselfoot Survived to win
3. FishFishRevolution (Miss Wormwood) Modkilled Day Two*
4. Tps222 (Calvin) Wolfkilled Night Four
5. blahblah18 (Susie) Lynched Day Two
6. TheRaiRaiEatsBalloons Survived to win
7. Afrobean Survived to win
8. mattc16 Survived to win
9. nforcer06164 Lynched Day One
10. talisman Survived to win
11. QreepyBORIS (Moe) Lynched Day Four
12. lightdarkness Survived to win
13. Kilgamayan Survived to win
14. evilbutterfly (Hobbes) Survived to win
15. HansSky Lynched Day Three
16. JurseyRider734 Survived to win
*Offense: Falsifying PMs via similarly named alternate account

Game Details:
Calvin and Hobbes were variable blues. Each night they picked where to go to receive powers, from one of the following:

1. Dinosaur Museum
2. The playground
3. School

One gave seer powers, one guardian powers, one psychic powers.

The trick is the rooms were shuffled every night, so if the Dinosaur Museum contained seer privileges Night 1, it may or may not have contained seer privileges Night 2.

If Calvin and Hobbes both went to the same room, they both got its power for the night, but they did NOT get to figure each other out.

Susie picked 1 night when to "roam" and infiltrate the power locations in hopes of killing a blue.
If she ended up in the same room as Calvin or Hobbes, she would be able to kill them.
This power allowed for the possibility of BOTH blues dying in one night, if they both went to the same place. However, wolves were forced not to kill on the night Susie roamed.

Spaceman Spiff was a friendly NPC that roamed constantly. If he was in the same place as Susie when she attempted her roaming kill(s), he would automatically protect one person.

Host Comments:
GJ Tps with the guard on Talisman night 1. Bad luck for the wolves a) choosing the wrong spot to roam and b) having Fish removed from the game for the fake account. Talisman did good as an alliance leader.


TWG XXV: Macho Man
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Kilgamayan
Wolf Wins
MVP: Omeganitros

1. Tasselfoot Wolfkilled Night Four
2. mead1 Survived to Loss
3. Afrobean Wolfkilled Night Two
4. mattc16 Wolfkilled Night Three
5. QreepyBORIS Wolfkilled Night Three
6. Omeganitros Survived to Win
7. blahblah18 Wolfkilled Night Two
8. nickadeemus Lynched Day Four
9. talisman Wolfkilled Night One
10. Kefit Wolfkilled Night Four
11. Tps222 Wolfkilled Night One
12. lightdarkness Lynched Day Three
13. GuidoHunter Lynched Day Two
14. Neonatrias Lynched Day One

Host Comments:
Omega was the wolf durhurhur. Kefit pegged him on Day 1 on instinct alone despite not giving a damn about anything and having been absent for 8 or 9 games and no one listened to him. This was highly amusing to watch. Way to go, everyone else.

I was hoping for a Tass/Kefit/Omega ending because that would've at least been an interesting ending to a three-day yawnfest. Oh well.

SmackDown! is on. Later.

The braying and neighing of barnyard animals follows.


TWG XXVI: The Werewolf Game TWG
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Afrobean
Wolves Win
MVP: --

1. FishFishRevolution (Human, wolfed Night 1)
2. Tasselfoot (Wolf, lynched Day 6)
3. nforcer06164 (Human, wolfed Night 7)
4. iggymatrixcounter (Human, wolfed Night 2)
5. vashthestampede0987 (Human, Lynched Day 3 – KitB with Tasselfoot)
6. Tps222 (Human, Wolfed Night 4)
7. lightdarkness (Human, lynched Day 5)
8. evilbutterfly (Wolf, survived to win)
9. HansSky (Human, survived to loss)
10. talisman (Human, lynched Day 4)
11. Tasuke (Human, lynched Day 2 – KitB with talisman)
12. Kilgamayan (Human, lynched Day 7)
13. MiniNeo (Guardian, wolfed Night 6)
14. mead1 (Human, lynched Day 1)

Host Comments:
All I really have to say: Tass you still suck as a wolf. I'd have had you dead day 1. eb did a good job. Minineo did a good job. Hans didn't do the best, but I can't blame him for not seeing through noah.

PS congrats to LD. How'd you do it? Amazing.


TWG XXVII: Art Causes Harm to the Body
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Kilgamayan
Humans Win
MVP: --

1. JurseyRider734 (Wolf, lynched Day 5)
2. iggymatrixcounter (Human, wolfed Night 1)
3. Tasselfoot (Seer, survived to win)
4. talisman (Master Wolf, lynched Day 6)
5. blahblah18 (Human, wolfed Night 3)
6. mead1 (Wolfsbane, survived to win)
7. GuidoHunter (Human, lynched Day 1)
8. evilbutterfly (Human, wolfed Night 6)
9. Tps222 (Wolf, lynched Day 4)
10. Wilkin (Human, lynched Day 2)
11. Afrobean(Human, wolfed Night 5)
12. vashthestampede0987 (Human, lynched Day 3)
13. HansSky (Human, wolfed Night 2)
14. MiniNeo (Human, wolfed Night 4)

Host Comments:
The wolves were doomed from the start since mead hit the jackpot by telling Tass Night 1 that he was the wolfsbane. Sorry guys.

I liked how this game played out, and am interested in using the idea again. The humans won, yes, but they got a LOT of lucky help - Tass being the seer, mead being an unlikely wolf kill, the bane coming out to the seer before the game started, and every single wolf kill being someone not in the alliance (first three seerings were Neo, eb and Afro) until the alliance outnumbered the wolves and Tass could simply remove people systematically. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the next time this game was played it swung the other way.

I figured talisman would eventually take a chance and wolf Tass, but he never did. Oh well.

Everyone go out and watch Pani Poni Dash!, it's a lot funnier than my meager writing skills make it out to be.


TWG XXVIII: Card Sharks (or Wolves, rather)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Wilkin
Humans Win
MVP: None Named

1. Afrobean (Wolf, lynched Day 1)
2. aperson (Wolfkilled Night 2)
3. blahblah18 (Survived to win)
4. chickendude (Survived to win)
5. FishFishRevolution (Guardian, survived to win)
6. HansSky (Seer, survived to win)
7. iggymatrixcounter (Survived to win)
8. JurseyRider734 (Survived to win)
9. Kilgamayan (Survived to win)
10. mead1 (Survived to win)
11. nforcer06164 (Wolfkilled Night 3)
12. Omeganitros (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
13. PsYcHoZeRoSk8er (Wolf, Lynched Day Two)
14. talisman (Survived to win)
15. Tasselfoot (Survived to win)
16. Tps222 (Marked Miller, survived to win)

Host Comments:

1) The wolves were done from the beginning. Actually nForcer and Iggy basically pinned all the wolves on Day 1. The inactivity issue was the main point of the game, and the circumstances (Afro's grounding, the other wolves' inactivity) only exacerbated the situation.

2) I really would've liked to see another day go on, just to see how everyone would've handled Tps' seering as a Wolf. That would've been hilarious.

3) I'm really disappointed in how this all played out. It was dumb luck that inactivity played such a huge factor. The Mark role really didn't get to play as big of a part as it could have. In fact, after the first day, the other factors kind of blotted it out entirely.

4) I know I forgot some stuff, so I'll leave it up to you guys to talk out.

This was a fun game to host, guys, and I hope to do more in the future. I've been thinking up some interesting ideas.


TWG XXIX: Crack Dens and Avenging Angels
Postgame thread

Hosted by: mead1
Wolves Win
MVP: yo momma

*Game was retroactively declared a draw by TWC order, but after review, this ruling has been overturned as of Feb. 28, 2014
1. Tasselfoot (Lynched Day 5)
2. talisman (Angel, wolfed Night 5)
3. nforcer06164 (Wolfed Night 1)
4. FishFishRevolution (Lynched Day 1)
5. Afrobean (Blind Wolf, lynched Day 4)
6. evilbutterfly* (Wolfed Night 8)
7. Kilgamayan (lost at endgame)
8. Wilkin (Wolfed Night 3)
9. iggymatrixcounter (Wolfed Night 4)
10. JurseyRider734 (Blind Wolf, lynched Day 6)
11. MiniNeo (Lynched Day 3)
12. Tps222 (Interrogator, lost at endgame)
13. HansSky (Wolfed Night 6)
14. GuidoHunter (Wolfed Night 2)
15. blahblah18 (Master Wolf, won at endgame)
16. Rebirth0** (Lynched Day 2)
*Replaced Tasuke Night Eight
**Replaced vashthestampede Day Two

Host Comments:
Great game played on both sides. Blah had the excellent idea to pretend to be Tass to his Blind Wolves, and TPS went hardcore to hoodwink Jurs. Came right down to the wire, and ended with a large amount of EPIC-Ness.


TWG XXX: Objection!
Postgame thread

Hosted by: nforcer06164
Humans Win
MVP: iggymatrixcounter

1. iggymatrixcounter (Seer, won at endgame)
2. Kilgamayan (won at endgame)
3. mattc16 (Wolfed Night 2)
4. blahblah18 (Guardian, wolfed Night 4)
5. Kefit (Wolfed Night 3)
6. chardish (Wolf, lynched Day 1)
7. GuidoHunter (Prosecutor, lost at endgame)
8. Wilkin (won at endgame)
9. talisman (won at endgame)
10. FishFishRevolution (Master Wolf, lynched Day 4)
11. Tasselfoot (wolfed Night 1)
12. HansSky (won at endgame)
13. Afrobean (Wolf, lynched Day 2
14. nickadeemus (Witness, lost at endgame)
15. Tps222 ([Lynched Day 3)
16. lightdarkness (won at endgame)

Host Comments:
From the start, it seemed that either the prosecution or wolves were set up to win this game. I don't know HOW Kefit did it, but he absolutely nailed chardish on Day 1. Then, Afrobean got hit on Day 2. Amazing playing right there. The wolf threat was virtually eliminated Day 2. Nice job.

I thought Guido was going to get this game, after his Day 1 pick. Nick was a great choice. He managed to appear genuinely human in an amazing display of skill. But, then he picked Afrobean who couldn't be called... that eliminated a wolf. I don't know why he picked TPS, but iggy did pretty much get him lynched on BS evidence to "protect blah," who ironically got murdered by Fish the next day, while in the alliance. Funny enough, that night, Guido also picked the last wolf, Fish, which, if announced, would ensure human victory. And it did.

What I find ironic, in the Day 1 discussions, was how Talisman made a comment about inexperienced or newbie players getting guarded. Guess what, buddy? You were guarded Night 1. NIIIIIICE =P

iggymatrixcounter gets MVP for engineering a human win as the alliance leader while not knowing what the hell he was doing. Kefit gets an honorable mention for nailing chardish as a wolf Day 1 after being gone for several games.

Well played, humans! For once, you were underdogs according to game mechanics, yet you managed to pull through and win. I still wanted to see Guido win... oh well. Great game!


TWG XXXI: A Blast From The Past
Postgame thread

Hosted by: blahblah18
Humans Win

1. Tasselfoot (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
2. Wilkin (Judas)
3. FishFishRevolution (Guardian, wolfed Night 5)
4. MiniNeo (Human, won at endgame)
5. HansSky (Human, wolfed Night 2)
6. Kefit (Saulus, lynched Day 1, converted to Human, wolfed Night 4)
7. iggymatrixcounter (Vampire, wolfed Night 6, became Serial Killer, lynched Day 7)
8. nforcer06164 (Human, wolfed Night 1)
9. Kilgamayan (Human, won at endgame)
10. Afrobean (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
11. talisman (Seer, murdered Night 7)
12. GuidoHunter (Human, lynched Day 4)
13. ddrdanc3r55 (Human, lynched Day 5)
14. lightdarkness (Human, won at endgame)
15. evilbutterfly (Wolf, lynched Day 6)
16. Tps222 (Human, wolfed Night 3)

Game Details:
Wolves got a factional framing power.

Guardian also had a 1-Shot Revival power, which he had to give up one of his nightly guardings to use.

Host Comments:
straightforward, because what i've now realized that by giving anyone a role, no matter how useless it is, is very strong if you have lax wolves. By claiming to be role X, only wolves want to argue that so its always good. If we had an all-green game where each player was given an individual name, then it'd be an autowin for humans... Wolves HAD to have tried and cause confusion on some of the roles that came out... I think it was a mistake for iggy to come out, but it is a close call either way.


TWG XXXII: (Unnamed)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: chardish
Wolves Win

1. Tasselfoot (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
2. Kilgamayan (Seer, wolfkilled Night 3)
3. nforcer06164 (Wolf, won at endgame)
4. blahblah18 (Master Wolf, won at endgame)
5. stretchypanda (Wolf, won at endgame)
6. MiniNeo (Human, lost at endgame)
7. JurseyRider734 (Human, lynched Day 5)
8. Wilkin (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
9. Afrobean (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
10. talisman (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
11. iggymatrixcounter (Human, lynched Day 2)
12. Omeganitros (Human, lynched Day 3)
13. Kefit (Human, killed by Lynch Redirection Day 4)
14. DDRDancer (Human, lost at endgame)
15. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Human, lynched Day 1)
16. mattc16 (Channeler, lost at endgame)

Game Details:
See here.

Host Comments:
Wow, you guys got whacked, and hard. I really don't think it was the wolves' skill that won it - with humans playing this terribly, it was the wolves' to lose.

Wolves - Stretchy, Blah, Nforcer
Seer - Kilga
Channeler - Matt

Statue location - #63

All in all, I think the statue thing is a nice twist to the game. Yes, I intentionally stacked this game in favor of the wolves. But with the humans winning almost every time (9/10 in the past 10 games before this one), I felt the wolves could use a little edge.

I think masons instead of a seer would have made the statue more interesting, and it would have given the humans a reason to pass the statue.

I also think the statue was too hard to find. I was starting to get really worried that it wouldn't be found, but there was no way I could change the balance without making it obvious that the statue hadn't been found. Maybe reveal 15, 15, 15, 10, 10, 10, 10 instead of 15, 15, 10, 10, 5, 5.

You guys suck at being active.

I'm really surprised none of you were able to get Nforcer, as he was acting very wolfish the whole time.

You guys suck at winning without an alliance (i.e., thinking for yourselves.)

If I were going to run a game like this again, here's what I would do differently:
12 players
3 wolves
3 masons
[Card-flipping rule in effect]


TWG XXXIII: An Alien Invasion
Postgame thread

Hosted by: DiscoBobbyPARANOiA
Wolves Win

1.Kilgamayan (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
2.Necamus (Human, lynched Day 6)
3.FishFishRevolution (Human, Lost at Endgame)
4.Chardish (Mason, lynched Day 3)
5.iggymatrixcounter (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
6.Tps222 (Mason, wolfkilled Night 5)
7.ddrdanc3r55 (Master Wolf, Won at Endgame)
8.xObserveRx (Wolf Shaman, lynched Day 4)
9.FFR4EVA_00 (Mason, Lynched Day One)
10.MiniNeo (Human, Lost at Endgame)
11.blahblah18 (Seer, Wolfkilled Night Two)
12.Afrobean (Human, Wolfkilled Night Three)
13.nforcer06164 (Wolf, Lynched Day Two)
14.Tokzic (Human, Lynched Day Five)
15.aperson (Human, Wolfkilled Night One)
16.JurseyRider734 (Human, Lost at Endgame)

Host Comments:
You all Suck


TWG XXXIV: (Unnamed)
Postgame thread

Hosted by: talisman
Wolves Win
MVP: Tps222 & FoJar
LVP: jwcgator

1. Tasselfoot (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
2. CypherToorima (Wolf, won at endgame)
3. petpro32 (Human, lost at endgame)
4. Afrobean (Human, lynched Day 2)
5. mattc16 (Human, lynched Day 1)
6. nforcer06164 (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
7. Kilgamayan (Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
8. GuidoHunter (Human, lost at endgame)
9. FishFishRevolution (Wolf, won at endgame)
10. sertman (Wolf, won at endgame)
11. iggymatrixcounter (Human, lynched Day 3)
12. FoJaR (Human, lost at endgame)
13. Wilkin (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
14. jwcgator (Human, lost at endgame)
15. JurseyRider734 (Human, lost at endgame)
16. Tps22 (Wolf, won at endgame)

Host Comments:
comments: the obvious wolf strategy in a game like this is to simply pick one wolf (since with 4 wolves one is expendable) and go against that one early, to make the rest of the team look human. I don't think the wolves in this game consciously did this, but it worked out that way anyway since fish blew in his posts early on and everyone noticed.


TWG XXXV: Knick It In The Bud
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Kilgamayan
Wolves Win
MVP: JurseyRider734

1. Tasslefoot (Human, lynched Day 2)
2. talisman (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
3. FishFishRevolution (Human, lynched Day 6 - KitB with Wilkin)
4. GuidoHunter (Wolf, lynched Day 3)
5. JurseyRider734* (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
6. flypie743 (Human, lynched Day 5)
7. Shashakiro (Human, vigikilled Night 3)
8. Tps222 (Human, lynched Day 1)
9. sertman/CypherToorima* (Wolfsbane, Lost at Endgame)
10. StoicRoivaS* (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
11. Kefit (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
12. blahblah18 (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
13. Omeganitros (Human, lynched Day 4)
14. aperson (Vigilante, Lost at Endgame)
15. Afrobean (Human, wolfkilled Night 6)
16. Wilkin (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
(1) Replaced FoJar Day 1
(2) Replaced CypherToorima Day 3, who replaced back in Day 4
(3) Replaced iggymatrixcounter Day 1

Game Details:
This game featured a Guardian lottery. Every night players voted privately on who they wanted protected.

Host Comments:
Humans blew ass this game. Wilkin and Jurs were your two surviving wolves. The only wolf to get voted off was Guido and even then getting him was sheer dumb luck. Shame ap got banned on the last day, but I was sick of finding subs at that point.

Cypher and ap were who they said they were, obviously.

MVP to the FoJaR/Jurs tandem.


Postgame thread

Hosted by: FoJaR
Wolves Win
MVP: ivaluebet

1. Tasselfoot (Zombie Human; wolfkilled Night 1, survived, lost at endgame)
2. mattc16 (Human, lynched Day 7)
3. Shashakiro (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
4. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Illuminati, wolfkilled Night 6)
5. mead1 (Zombie Wolf; lynched Day 1, survived, lynched Day 2)
6. Kilgamayan (Illuminati, wolfkilled Night 4)
7. StoicRoivaS Human, wolfkilled Night 2)
8. sertman (Human, wolfkilled Night 7)
9. MiniNeo (Bookie, outed for being illegal Night 1)
10. CypherToorima (Wolf Seer, lynched Day 4)
11. JurseyRider734 (Human, wolfkilled Night 8)
12. chardish (Human, lynched Day 3)
13. HansSky (Human, killed by dark ritual Night 2)
14. Afrobean (Illuminati, wolfkilled Night 1)
15. talisman (Red Miller, Lost at Endgame)
16. Wilkin (Human, lynched Day 5)
17. flypie743 (Blue Miller, wolfkilled Night 3)
18. iggymatrixcounter (Tainted Seer, won at Endgame)
19. Tps222 (Blue Miller, lynched Day 6)
20. ivaluebet (Wolf, won at endgame)
21. FishFishRevolution (Wolf, Won at endgame)
22. ddrdanc3r55 (Human, lynched Day 8)

Host Comments:
i'm sure there are questions about minineo, so i'll address that now.

when it became apparent that minineo had come out to tass, after a strict warning from me that if he came out, i would find out and he would be dead, i caught minineo.

i told him that tass told me that he (minineo) came out to him, and that he was now dead, and that he couldnt talk to any living players. he thought tass had tricked him and gave it up. gg minineo.

the humans had a huge advantage due to the human alliance. all they had to do was bait the wolves with the illuminati, and then have tass report the extra wolf kills. bing, bang, boom.

i was really disappointed with the way this game panned out. humans, you had a GIGANTIC advantage, which you failed to use at all.

GG wolves. you earned this one.


Postgame thread

Hosted by: StoicRoivaS
Wolves Win
MVP: Shashakiro & HansSky

1. FoJar (Forensic Scientist, Lost at Endgame)
2. iggymatrixcounter (TT Blocker, Lost at Endgame)
3. HansSky (TT Master Wolf, Won at Endgame)
4. Shashakiro (TT Blocker/TT Marked Wolf, Won at Endgame)
5. Afrobean (TT Blocker, Lost at Endgame)
6. mattc16 (TT Pupil Seer, wolfkilled Night 1)
7. Tps222 (TT Master Seer, wolfkilled Night 1)
8. Cypher (TT Blocker, lynched Day 3)
9. MiniNeo (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 1)
10. vashthestampede0987 (Coroner, wolfkilled Night 1
11. sertman (Vigilante, wolfkilled Night 3)
12. Ivaluebet (Psychic, lynched Day 2)
13. Tokzic (TT Blocker, wolfkilled Night 2)
14. talisman (TT Guardian, wolfkilled Night 1)
15. Wilkin (Device Thief, lynched Day 1)
16. Kilgamayan (Wolf Seer, vigikilled Night 2)

Game Details:

Host Comments:
To summarize for the lazy, the roles were pretty much what everyone said they were, save for hans. Shash was indeed a TT blocker and so any claims he made regarding the role were quite true. As a marked wolf he kept his human power, aka the Time blocking machine he was given. The original time machine that the device thief stole refined 1.5 units of fuel per night with each kill using up 1 unit. The extra .5 units could be stored, this is how the 4 kill slaughter happened. There was also 1 random event in the game that I decided upon ahead of time in the event that I had horribly messed up some balancing aspect of the game. If either team was noticiably disadvantaged from something that I did not expect, I would give that team 1 50/50 chance at generating an extra unit of time fuel to be given to a random role that could use it: Device thief, TT guard, TT seer. This extra unit would basically let them have one more action (kill, vision, guard).

Short version of roles are below, these are the PM's, word for word, that I sent to the respective player(s). Some PMs had some story to go along with the role but it was cut to keep the length of this post down. The PM the player got explains 99% of how the role works, and the rest I noted to myself in a separate part of the file, describing details, technicalities, and how the roles would interact.


Postgame thread

Hosted by: FoJaR
Wolves Win

1. sertman (McCarthy, wolfkilled Night 1)
2. talisman (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
3. Chromer (JFK, lynched Day 2)
4. vashthestampede0987 (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
5. iggymatrixcounter (Ballot Box Stuffer, co-lynched Day 3)
6. HansSky (Rigger, Lost at Endgame)
7. Jurseyrider734 (Secret Service, wolfkilled Night 4)
8. StoicRoivaS (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
9. Wilkin (Poisoner, removed for being illegal Day 4)
10. MiniNeo (Rigger, removed for being illegal Day 2)
11. HiTheyCallMeGod (Poisoner, removed for being illegal Day 4)
12. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Wolf, Won at Endgame)
13. nijatwo (Ballot Box Stuffer, Lost at Endgame)
14. petpro32 (Human; lynched Day 1, revived Night 3, removed for inactivity Day 4)
15. mattc16 (Human, removed for inactivity Day 2)
16. xObserveRx (Reagan, lynched Day 4)
17. Omeganitros (Ballot Booth Tamperer, removed for inactivity Day 4)
18. GuidoHunter (Human, co-lynched Day 3)

Host Comments:
fun fact: the Hans guard was made possible by an accurate poisoning.

as with last game, i think that people value the human alliance way too much. Large human alliances seem to prove the downfall of the humans. especially in a game like this where you have to use your role to get into the alliance, and your role can get you thrown out of the game. i think the humans would have had a much better shot if they had all played green. you would have had the wolves COMPLETELY mystified. That was the human advantage in this game, and i tried to set it up so that you'd hold on to that advantage.

good game everyone, well played wolves.


TWG XXXIX: Caps Filter'd
Postgame thread

Hosted by: Wilkin
Humans Win
MVP: Kilgamayan

1. HansSky (Wolf, lynched Day 2)
2. talisman (Human, wolfkilled Night 4)
3. sertman (Human, wolfkilled Night 3)
4. xObserveRx (Wolf, lynched Day 4)
5. JurseyRider734 (Human, wolfkilled Night 8)
6. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Wolf, lynched Day 8)
7. iggymatrixcounter (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
8. FoJar (Human, lynched Day 5)
9. Kilgamayan (Human, lynched Day 6)
10. jwcgator (Human, Survived To Win)
11. FFR4EVA_00 (Psychic, wolfkilled Night 7)
12. Afrobean (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 2)
13. nijatwo (Human, Survived To Win)
14. Shashakiro (Human, lynched Day 1 - KitB with jwcgator)
15. Tps222* (Seer, wolfkilled Night 5)
16. ImEric12 (Human, wolfkilled Night 6)
17. lightdarkness (Human, lynched Day 3)
18. StoicRoivaS (Master Wolf, lynched Day 7 - KitB with JurseryRider734)
*vashthestampede0987 was replaced by Tps222 Day 4

Host Comments:
1) I'm really happy that this game got as much attention as it did, either through entusiasm, posts, or views (the last two going far past the last couple of games), and I think we should take some more examples from past games for a little while before we get back into the MYSTERY ALL BLUE CRAZY WEE OOO WEE OOO games.

2) If an MVP were to be named, one of my candidates would have to be Kilga. This is mainly because of his self-insta to prevent FFR from getting another phantom, as well as relaying some vital info to the other players right before he did it. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to hear them, as I didn't get that much from a lot pf other players.

3) I liked Tps' play at the end of the day (I forget which one) where he went out on the limb to tell everyone the guardian was still alive (to flip a coin to decide whether to guard FFR or Tps), and I don't doubt that it gave the wolves some concern or second thoughts on their kill for the night. Very nicely executed.


TWG XL: Mall Madness
Postgame thread

Hosted by: xObserveRx
Humans Win
MVP: --

1. nijatwo (Serial Killer, lynched Day 5)
2. talisman (Guardian, wolfkilled Night 2)
3. Kagome (Seer, wolfkilled Night 4)
4. rioting (Wolf, nightkilled Night 4)
5. jwcgator (Human, nightkilled Night 2)
6. Kilgamayan (Wolf, nightkilled Night 5)
7. sertman (Wolf, lynched Day 1)
8. Wilkin (Wolfsbane, nightkilled Night 1)
9. StoicRoviaS* (Human, wolfkilled Night 5)
10. Z3ratul* (Human, Survived To Win)
11. DiscoBobbyPARANOiA (Human, Survived To Win)
12. Afrobean (Human, Survived To Win)
13. mead1* (Master Wolf, lynched Day 4)
14. aperson (Human, died???? Night 3)
15. nforcer06164 (Human, lynched Day 3)
16. Chromer (Human, wolfkilled Night 1)
17. iggymatrixcounter (Human, lynched Day 2)
18. FoJar, (Human, died???? Night 3)
(1) HansSky was replaced by StoicRoviaS Night 3
(2) FFR_4EVA was replaced by Z3ratul Night 3
(3) MiniNeo was replaced by mead1 Night 3

Host Comments:
Okay, so this game was full of colossal **** ups.

For starters, I **** the bed all over the place. I can try to make all kinds of excuses, but that's just stupid. It was my first time hosting and it was a slightly different game than others, however, I still let in people who knew what was going on, slipped up and let Eva see half the player's roles before the game even started, Wilkin either WAS figured out or was very high on the wolves' suspicions before the game even started and I was doing more post editing than everyone else combined does in a week. So yeah, bad hosting experience for sure.

Now, on to the game itself.

This game, IMO was pretty balanced if played right. The unfortunate killing of Wilkin and Talis in the first two days was rather ****ty, but I was asking myself what the **** was going on with the math ****. It's a game, not a math competition. All the statistics in the world aren't going to keep you alive; playing the game the normal way, with suspicions, gut feelings, lots of convo and voting patterns will...hopefully.

If the humans would've cut the math ****, stopped arguing every second minute and just played like they would in any normal game, I think they would've worked together much better and people would've gotten lynched much faster.

Also, why didn't the humans just lynch Nija when he came out? Really. It would've been three wolves vs. a bunch of humans... sound familiar? At that point, some normal play could've resumed and it would've been a much tighter game. I dunno, I wasn't IN the game, so I can't say how I would've reacted, but that just seemed dumb as hell to me.

So yeah, after all the talk at the start of the game about how ****ed the humans were, they won. With all the arguing, stupid statistics and teaming with the SK, they won. So much for statistics, balance and whatever.

I don't wanna host again for a long time. And if we're getting jTWG back, is there even enough new players to get games going? I think we REALLY need some new blood in this game. A lot of the older players are starting to either really know how each other play as each role, or hate each other, or both. Either that, or be inactive. So yeah, get some fresh meat in here, and maybe some new council members (Although I fail to see what they do...:/) and hopefully we'll get the excitement of those older games back.
tell me to finish the TWG stats

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Wait, V has a pregnant wife? I thought he was gay with sun fan.
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Disregarding Season 1 (because communities were able to send more than one player back then), here is a ranking of community performances in the Mafia Championship:
+3 finale appearances
Flash Flash Revolution (4 finale spots with 1 sub + 1 wildcard spot)
Dark Lord Potter (3 finale spots + 2 wildcards with 1 sub)
MafiaManiac (3 finale spots + 1 wildcard spot)
Super Mafia All Stars (3 finale spots + 1 wildcard spot)
GameFAQs (3 finale spots)

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