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Default Re: TWG CLXXXV: C9+++++++++ Game Thread

Originally Posted by ShadoWolfe View Post
that dash was supposed to be an underscore >.>

Yo Raeko there's been enough interaction to do your thing and charge up those feelers. Share some thoughts?
I was about to yell at you, not for the vote but for the dash! but now you are forgiven

my thoughts so far would be I agree with you about star. I think she is playing towny so far and wouldn't vote for her today. When I think back to the game where she was a wolf I feel like it became obvious so I think that would probably happen again at some point if she is wolfing

I wish Haku were around to explain the worry of being in the same position as last game, given how it was really different :/ I just thought the way that was brought up was weird, but oh well

I don't really like how Roundbox has shown up but not really said anything meaningful. but obviously he's still at work so I don't want to hold that against him but just keeping note of it

I like YoshL because of his mindset, seems like he is thinking of town-y things. Obviously we picked up on the same weird thing about Haku but just in general I see what he is saying in his posts a lot and he seems towny

Also I think that you are very mean for voting for me

Sorry this post became long
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