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Default Re: TWG 187: Senpai [Game Thread]

Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post
daikyi is an outed protective role
its fine to jeopardize yourself it doesn't even claim your role, soundwave
Originally Posted by Soundwave- View Post
I put this together now.

tbh if both me and daikyi are alive tomorrow I'll probably claim.
This is the thing that is making me uneasy about Daikyi. Is he?

He claimed that he prevented the wolf kill last night which was his night to guard according to his role, but a bunch of people are suggesting that Dafty was possibly the actual wolf kill, or that Daikyi was the -target- and that somebody -else- did the saving.

So there's no actual evidence that he guarded a kill last night. Two nights previous, on his other night to guard, mellon got killed by Antori and there was no other kill, which is where the claim got made by Daikyi that he had an even-night guard and had saved sunfan.

But now that we know there's -another- guard out there somewhere, there's at least the chance that Daikyi does something -else- on his even nights that isn't guard. He's proven the odd nights he gets info about a target but that even target could be nothing, or something besides a guard.

I'm concerned that his saving of sunfan was seen as evidence of sunfan's townyness, despite the fact that when daikyi got info about sunfan after guarding, he tried to push for a lynch on sunfan.

I'm not sure what to make of this theorizing, at least in part because I have trouble getting my head around the scenario where the wolves killed Dafty themselves, and whatever it means for Daikyi I don't think it means he's a wolf. But I do think it means that the pro-town-ness of being a guard is called into doubt making me wonder whether he's actually that pro town.
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