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Default Re: Manti's Game Repair Station

Topsy Turvy

One day the TWG gang decides to go to the Carnival. Everything starts to go wrong in the house of fun...

20 players

5 wolves

Ringleader- He's at the head of his little gang. Not big or brawny, but clearly the brains of the operation. Is always seered green. Sends in the wolf pm for the night.
Clown - It's like 'It' all over again. He's a psychotic mass-murderer who came to the carnival as a cover. Under that painted-on crimson smile lay the tales of a psychopath. Can choose to kill one person at any given point in the game. This will be real time. As soon as I read the PM, I will post that player x has died and they will be out of the game. He's deathly afraid of mirrors, hating the way he is forced to paint his face for the sake of this carnival, however. So if the House of Mirrors Carnies targets him he will have a meltdown and kill himself, along with one other non-wolf player.
Crystal Ball Psychic - Be careful coming near this guy. He's dangerous and a little crazy. Can seer one person per night phase with their real color. His sworn enemy and rival is the opposing team's seer and wants to put that mofo outta business.
Mime - No one likes mimes. They're just annoying copycats. He can choose to copy one player's role at the cost of his vote the following day. He will still need to put in a vote to avoid a phantom, it just won't be counted. If he targets the seer, he can choose his seering target the following night phase.
The Tattooed Man - His body is a needle-induced work of art. If the seer seers him, the seer will be stunned and recieve a faulty report for the next two night phases. The seer will be unaware of this detriment. He has a soft spot for the Bearded Lady, however and will not permit the wolves to attack her during the night.

The House of Mirrors Carnie- Once she's got you in her maze of mirrors, she can darn near see into your soul. Her pristine house of mirrors makes even the cruelest minds cave. She can pull one person a night into her house, and she'll know your color as it appears on the surface, but cannot tell if it's a lie or not.
Friendly Psychic - A kindly old Jamaican woman trying to scrounge by from night to night as a carnie. Is given the number of wolves left in the game at the beginning of every day phase.
The Bearded Lady - She's big. She's buff. She's hairy. She's not someone you want to mess with. She has a very close relationship with the Tattooed Man. Cannot be killed at night.
The Juggling Man - He never wanted to be a juggler for the carnival, but they didn't like him throwing his balls around an operating table much. At the cost of any activity in the thread including his vote for the day he may choose four targets to return to their true seer color. Will still need to vote to avoid a phantom, but it will not be counted.

The Fat Stubby Carnie - Is given three items at the start of the game which he cannot use and has a chance to get another item equal to the ratio of wolves to humans every night phase (4 wolves to 12 humans 4/12 chance). This carnie is generally a self-serving jerk trying to con you out of your money, so be careful of what his motives may be behind it all. He cannot use the items and if he hoards them for more than two phases they will turn into something bad and be given to a random person.

Food Stand Man - Is given 3 items at the beginning of the game which he cannot use and has a chance to get another item equal to the ratio of wolves to humans (4 wolves to 12 humans 4/12 chance) every day phase. Depicted as a friendly old man, but be careful. He raised the fat stubbie carnie who gave you your ticket when you came in. He's bound to be a trickster. He cannot use the items and if he hoards them for more than two phases they will turn into something bad and be given to a random person.

9 normal humans
Note: At the beginning of the game, every person who is a non-wolf will be given a number from 1-4. This will represent the color they will be when they are seered. Wolves and blues are not aware of the colors they have recieved, normal humans, however, are told their own color.
1- Red
2- Blue
3- Purple
4- Green

The Fat Stubby Carnie:
Entrance Ticket - No one questions who the Fat Stubby Carnie lets into his fair. Gives you a one-time guard you can use at any point in the game. Effective against a lynch. If this is held too long by the carnie it will null the reciever's vote for the day. They will still need to vote to avoid a phantom, it just won't count.
Stuffed Animal Prize - It's cute, cuddly and.. what? It's got fleas! You lose your night activity while you scrub yourself raw all night.
Kissing booth stub - When you redeem your kiss from the foxy young woman manning the booth, you feel untouchable and on top of the world. You get a one-time vigi. Don't wait too long to redeem your kiss, the next woman in line is called 'Large Marge' for a reason. If this item is held too long by the Carnie, it will become rotten and your big, disgusting wet kiss from Large Marge will roleblock the user for the next night phase.
Carnie's whip - Can only be recieved if The Fat Stubby Carnie dies. In rejoice of his death, you decide to remodel. Can be used once to completely take the role of another person and switch it with your own. Can be used at any time.

The Food Stand Man:
Candy Apple - You will feel hyper and exhuberant after eating this apple. It makes your vote for the next day phase count for double. It goes bad after two phases and will become a Slimy Taffy.
Slimy Taffy - It's almost like it's already been in someone's mouth... Is that a piece of hair?! You have no choice in activating this item. One random player dies. Can only be recieved if the Carnie lets the apple go bad.
Cotton Candy - This carnival has made you feel like a kid again. You've gotten in touch with your inner self and reverted back to the color you should be.
Rat on a stick - If you are given this, you've been severely, severely pranked. Your seer color changes to red automatically and you have no choice in the matter.
Black licorice - Oh, come on! No one likes black licorice. You lose your night activity due to excessive vomitting.

Changed a couple things, as per your request. Editted the purple roles a bit along with the items and added a wolf and a few normal humans.

To explain the Bearded Lady - Tattooed man relationship, if the tattooed man dies, the wolvesbane effect wears off, since the person holding the wolves back from attacking them is gone.
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