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Default Re: Manti's Game Repair Station

To answer you questions:

1: The dead eyes reads "Will not be stopped by other effects", and what I meant was it takes priority over all else. Will make it clearer somehow.

2 & 3: The sly wolves effect is "Switch roles" with the other. Its effect does not end at the end of a phase or anything, it remains until the new sly wolf ("Switch" does mean switch.) activates it again. Further, its activated at night and takes effect right before the begining of the following day phase.

Devo: Yeah, it should read "if he dies humans win." I hadn't thought of that.

Game is below with minor revisions for clairty.

TWG LXXXVI: Lone wolf...

13 Players

The Lone Wolf - If he dies the humans win.

The Pack's Defender - The lone wolf cannot be killed until he is killed.

Sly Wolf - May switch roles with the lone wolf durring the night. This effect isn't temporary

Seer/Vigi - Can act as a seer, or vigi somebody durring the night, however, the vigi will cost their power. Send either a "Seer Player X" or "Vigi Player X" to prevent confusion.

Dead Eye - If this player is the first person to vote for somebody during a lynching phase and that person is lynched, their lynching will not be stopped by any other effects.

7 Humans

1 Unlucky Human - If this person is the last to vote on a person that would be lynched, the lynch fails. Is unaware of this detriment
2) If the humans try to lynch the lonewolf while the defender is still alive, do they just get told "You tried to lynch this person but it didn't work"? Thus telling them "This is a wolf"? Once the lone wolf is outed but not killed, with no vigi power in the game, it becomes the job of the sly wolf to out themselves, by basically racing the dead eye on the next day phase to post against the lone wolf first.

Missed this question at first devonin: Um, yeah, basically I'll just update with "Its now night" which in effect outs him as the lone wolf. However, there'll be no race to the lynch by the sly wolf, they'll just switch roles. At any rate, I don't think things like this are that bad of a problem.
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