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Default Re: Manti's Game Repair Station

I think this thread fits manti's ego's agenda, but I'll bite.

The game I suggested last host sign-ups.

Iggy had an interesting strategy laid out. It works. The seer is able to get a 5 mason-like group right off of day one by asking everyone to stay in the rooms they spawned in and signing a death warrant by coming out day one. While the seer is most likely to die if he goes through with it, the 5 person alliance is a very tough seal to break. However, iggy refuses to acknowledge that a wolf could indeed lie through his teeth and claim to be blue - I mean, he may as well do it. The seer is limited to seering players in his own square and the wolf crowd controller could just move him about all he wants. Chances of any of them getting seered in time to have a confirmed alliance are none, and chances that the seer would divulge this information to ANY of the people who come out to him are slim, I think. I mean, in a normal game you don't divulge information to people until they're confirmed blues anyway.

Iggy asked me to level the playing field.

I was thinking of making movement mandatory (at the cost of being moved randomly) because it protects the blues and the wolves but you might have a better idea. Keeping a 4 square map throughout the entire game without any global penalties for abandoned squares could prove useful, too, especially at the later stages of the game.
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