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Default Re: Manti's Game Repair Station

Originally Posted by iggymatrixcounter View Post
@ruritsu: come on, if you're going to post a game, make it your final draft and don't have a bunch of details you said you WANTED to put in. Put some pride into your game XD.
Thats the point of the thread Iggy, to get games that might not be quite complete into their final draft shape.

Ruritsu: Lone Wolf...

First of all I'd like to say your game is actually fairly even assuming the lone wolf doesn't get pegged right away.

Anyways, game break down:

Human StrategyNight 1, the seer will hit either a wolf or a human. If it's a human, the human comes out and starts the alliance (no MW so no worries about green seerings). The human will attract dead eye, and the alliance will form. From there, the seer is going to have to just thin the pool with some human help. Dead eye is going to have to law low untill they find a red.

Wolf Strategy The quicker the wolves kill the seer the better their chances. That said, they'll probably kill the frontman of the alliance each night to keep the allied pool small unless they think they really have a good bead on dead eye or the seer.

A secondary thing is that if the sly wolf's switch is permanent for an entire phase, the wolves could fake out the humans by making the sly wolf look like the lone wolf, and then switching back the next day to find dead eye when he votes to "kill" the lone wolf.

In general the I find the game to be fairly well balanced, but my opinion could change depending on how certain roles work with each other (See below)


I think your game is good, just consider the following role interactions.

1. What happens if dead eye is the first person to vote a player, and the unlucky human is the last? Does one player's role override the other?
2. Is the sly wolf's role switch a permanent thing? Say the lone wolf get's vigi'd during the night, but the sly wolf switches roles with him. Does the sly wolf then continue on as the lone wolf? or is it just for the one night and the game is over?
3. If the sly wolf's ability is permanent until they switch back, I think you can keep the vigi seer. The wolves need to be on their toes to avoid the vigi, but it's certainly avoidable.

@ devo, I'm pretty sure the game is a human win reguardless of how the Lone wolf dies, just as long as he dies.
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Originally Posted by V
Manti, I apologize for insulting you. Let the record show that I am a prickass douche, and not only that, but that I am a terrible player.

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