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Default Re: Manti's Game Repair Station


1) If the lone wolf is lynched the humans win...what if they get vigi'd? Or are you standing by the intention there to replace seer/vigi with seer/psych?

2) If the humans try to lynch the lonewolf while the defender is still alive, do they just get told "You tried to lynch this person but it didn't work"? Thus telling them "This is a wolf"? Once the lone wolf is outed but not killed, with no vigi power in the game, it becomes the job of the sly wolf to out themselves, by basically racing the dead eye on the next day phase to post against the lone wolf first.

If the dead eye wins, the game is automatically over, Otherwise, a lynch on the lone wolf fails because the defender is alive, and then the dead eye gets wolved the following night, having outed themselves in their haste to post first.
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