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Default Re: Manti's Game Repair Station

Manti, if you will.

TWG LXXXVI: Lone wolf...

13 Players

The Lone Wolf - If he is lynched the humans win.

The Pack's Defender - The lone wolf cannot be lynched until he is killed.

Sly Wolf - May switch roles with the lone wolf durring the night.

Seer/Vigi - Can act as a seer, or vigi somebody durring the night, however, the vigi will cost their power. Send either a "Seer Player X" or "Vigi Player X" to prevent confusion.

Dead Eye - If this player is the first person to vote for somebody during a lynching phase and that person is lynched, their lynching will not be stopped by other effects.

7 Humans

1 Unlucky Human - If this person is the last to vote on a person that would be lynched, the lynch fails. Is unaware of this detriment
I had planned to remove the vigi on the seer and replace it with a choice of Seering/psychicing, but I didn't type it.

Also, great idea manti, a workshop for game design sounds pretty cool.
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