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Default Re: Manti's Game Repair Station

Viccica: Topsy Turvey

Vic, This is how your game will break down:

Human Strategy Especially if the Clown's Vigi isn't real time. Most likely Day 1 the bearded lady will come out and start a four person alliance with the rest of the blues. Generally, the Neutrals will join this group, since they want to stay free of the lynch. This will lead to a six person alliance on day 1. It's too big of an alliance because the chance of hitting a wolf by blind luck at lynch time is something like 44% on day 1.

The mime will be easy to find, because people will watch for people that aren't posting, and humans will post to avoid being pinned as the mime.

The Clown is underpowered. Having to sacrifice himself to kill the the bearded lady is basically his only function.

I originally thought that the Crystal ball Psychic and House of mirrors Carnie were kinda useless. However, if they both compile a list at the beginning of the game of who claims what, and then compare their seering results to that list they can easily find liars without the juggling man fixing them.

Wolf Strategy The only wolf strategy i can see working is for the clown to claim to be some blue then blowing himself up on The Bearded Lady just before he's about to be lynched, hopefully sending the lynch on another human and killing the WB, then wolving the juggling guy during the night.

In general the wolves are too easy to find, and the game is human biased.


You need to spice up the wolves a bit. Their current functions are slightly too weak to compete with the alliance. The house of mirrors Carney can still function even though you messed with the colors. If you ask any of the wolves what they seer and then seer them, their going to have to be damn lucky to guess right, while the humans know their colors.

- Give the wolf seer real seering results unless the seering is being affected by an item.
- Maybe let a couple of the wolves know what they seer
- ??Give the clown a one time use vigi instead of a suicide kill?? - if not, definatley make the clown's suicide a real time event.
- The purples give their items away? are they one time use? If they are, they're fine.
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