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Default Manti's Game Repair Station

What the title says. If you'd like me to critique your game, post it here and I'll do my best to break it and fix it.

If the game is intended to be a mystery game: PM it to me, give me notice however, because i might want to play in it.

Just to give you guys a basic idea of how a game should be built:

Originally Posted by IggyMatrixCounter
An ideal game skeleton has the following factors:
1) An even number of players
2) No iron clad alliances to destroy activity
3) Enough game strategy to get people talking but not so much that people do not want to learn it's mechanics. (HINT: How you type up your idea will have an effect on how people think it'll play out. Make sure you're concise, not overly wordy, and explain every aspect well. Spelling and grammar never hurt anyone either XD)
4) Enough players to meet the demand of ACTIVE twg players. (I.E. do not run a 20 man game when only 12-14 players are actually active)
5) Above everything else, is fair to both wolves and humans (and third parties if applicable)
Along with a few other things
6) Ideally for every 4 players, there is one wolf.
7) You need a sufficently sized human pool for the wolves to hide in. (The only exception to this is a mystery game) Generally, half the players should be normal humans.
AAA's = 800

Originally Posted by V
Manti, I apologize for insulting you. Let the record show that I am a prickass douche, and not only that, but that I am a terrible player.

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