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Default Calling all stepcharters: VSRG Charting Influences Questionnaire

Hey everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place for me to post this, but I'll post it here regardless.

I'm currently conducting a questionnaire across various rhythm game communities (Etterna, osu!mania, FFR specifically) to see which charters/stepartists have most influenced most recent one's charting/stepping. Through this, I'll be able to map out a network of which charters have influenced which, and who have been the most influential charters overall or in specific communities.

You can find the questionnaire link here, and more information about the questionnaire can be found there:

I have conducted a previous questionnaire like this a year and a half ago, you can find the results of the previous questionnaire here. I didn't include the FFR community at the time because I wasn't actively participating in that community, but I would like to amend that for this questionnaire. I would also like more participation from the Etterna community, since there is a bias towards the osu!mania community at the moment.

I don't have an exact deadline as to when I would close the questionnaire. I initially wanted to close this at 150 responses, but I'm currently at 106 responses. I'll most likely close this questionnaire once I reach 200 responses or so.

Please spread this questionnaire to other rhythm game charting communities as well, I would greatly appreciate it.
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