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Default Re: jTWG LXXXIII Game Thread

Day 0 is currently set to begin at 12:00 PM Central (Server) Time Thursday, November 29th.
Please do not post until I say you may do so.
tell me to finish the TWG stats

Originally Posted by Arntonach View Post
Wait, V has a pregnant wife? I thought he was gay with sun fan.
Originally Posted by Thingyman View Post
Disregarding Season 1 (because communities were able to send more than one player back then), here is a ranking of community performances in the Mafia Championship:
+3 finale appearances
Flash Flash Revolution (4 finale spots with 1 sub + 1 wildcard spot)
Dark Lord Potter (3 finale spots + 2 wildcards with 1 sub)
MafiaManiac (3 finale spots + 1 wildcard spot)
Super Mafia All Stars (3 finale spots + 1 wildcard spot)
GameFAQs (3 finale spots)

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