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Default Re: FFR Suggestions

Originally Posted by foxfire667 View Post
Didn't see these in the first post anywhere but if they were suggested before forgive me.

- FFR MP should have the "save replay" box as well as single player, because there are definately times where awesome runs / aaa's are achieved in multiplayer.
- (more for spectators) maybe a small icon or color signifying the current score leader while a game is going on.
- When mp masking is full, it's essentially just a big black box over the right side of the screen. I think it would be nice if when you select full, it pretty much looks like single player when you play a song.
- Maybe in the game creation options, allow for choice of whether winning is raw or combo based, or if level is considered at all. I don't know if this will ever happen, but I figured I'd bring it up again. MP would be a lot more based on "trying as good as you possibly can" instead of "mash as good as you possibly can" if raw scoring became an option.
if this can happen, I will be SO happy
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