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Default Re: The Etterna Project

Originally Posted by lurker View Post
nothing is stopping you from using an older version of etterna (i mean look at how long the majority of the community stuck to 3.95 when 4.0 and early sm5 builds were rolling out lol)
just as it was in the past, though, your choice to stick to an older version means that you miss out on newer developments
and also personally i'm pretty sure this attitude that core mechanics should not be changed if people are used to them is a significant part of why ffr died
Even if I'm going to use an older version of Etterna just for the old features, it's not gonna change the fact that I will inevitably encounter significant bugs that won't be fixed unless I give up those features in the process of updating. Just because you've had to deal with the buggy as hell 3.95 all this time is not an excuse for having others go through the same ordeal with Etterna.

Also, ffr is dead due to people not wanting change?
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