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Default Re: The Etterna Project

I personally enjoy chord cohesion and DP scoring, a lot of players do not like that as it appears and I had no idea that was a generally bigger topic than I had initially thought it would be. It's probably fair to say that if you're not totally on board with what Mina is working on, you just won't 100% use the most current version and use something else, maybe an older version of the project or a vanilla stepmania version. Removal of chord cohesion and DP scoring I think is significant enough a change that it's straying away from what stepmania is, basically becoming its own game.

I'm fairly undecided, other than FFR i've not played a rhythm game without chord cohesion. It'll most likely be fine, I believe in Mina he's done so much good for this project I'm excited to see what it will look like ultimately in the end. Thank you Mina!
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