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Default Re: TWG CX: Matrix6: Reloaded POST GAME

so firstly, I got played so hard this game oajsduyreuhrhturwejgersdsd

I can't even be mad though. Like, I'm a little bit upset with myself that I didn't realize what was going on when Yoshl didn't fakeclaim blue (I was thinking he was doing it to be meta, like, what wolf would do that?) but that's really it. Charu, fantastic emulation of your human game, man. I didn't think you were capable of it; I won't make that mistake again.

danceguy- You were wolfed night one. Good Job being the only one other than Foj to have Charu on your radar, and good job projecting town, I don't think anyone would've been willing to lynch you.

yoshl- that ending was fun. I really should've known better, but hindsight is 20-20, I guess.

mellon- oh mellon, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You were doing a good job softing blue, so there's that, unfortunately, Charu picked up on it. I think your saves made a lot of sense given the situations.

vendetta- interesting for you to get carried as a wolf, for once. I don't know if the apathy or the inebriation was faked, if it was, good job at making it look realistic. The separation vote early pinged me during a few of my rereads, but it was too late at that point.

yo man- DUUUUUDE I'M SO SORRY. My biggest mistake was going to be me getting you lynched (ty charu for topping that).

Foj- not entirely sure what you thought you noticed about me, sorry I gave off that appearance to you =/. I never would've thought you were blue, so good job in that respect. Nice job being the first top hop on the V bandwagon as well.

Charu- I give you a 2/10. Step it up next time.

Riotpolice- Best for last. There's a reason people are frustrated with you. I could type an essay here, but I don't really want to. I highly suggest you reevaluate your playstyle, or at least tone it down on the exaggeration of townie claims and overtrust of your gutreads. I do regret not lynching you day 0 because I think I would've been able to read Yoshl better once he couldn't tunnel you any longer.

I have nothing bad to say about this game. This will probably be my favorite game for a long time, and this was a stellar performance from most everyone. I learned a lot this game, and I swear that I will never let myself get bamboozled as hard as I was this game.
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