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Default Re: 8th Official FFR Tournament - Round 3!

Originally Posted by Coolboyrulez0 View Post
people mad at the file because they cant jack itt, i always try to strive for a mix of pr / technicality and fairness so you wont see dore-esque patterns from me haha
maybe instead of questioning the file, ask yourself if you should practice more on certain patterns etc.

@halogen: thanks, glad someone appreciates the file -- had a few others tell me they enjoyed it also so thats all that matters.
plus its exactly how i wanted it to be and i'm sure the rage will subside once the round is over / people learn to jack / its not AAA or die
I like the file, I'm not sure if it was just me but the entire song seemed like a 24th beat off so it made it very hard for me to AAA it (knowing it would turn into AAA or die I had to do it)
I probably will not play the song again, sadly, just because this round has pretty much ruined it for me. But from a quality point of view, JS and Jacks are my worst skills, however the notes flow perfectly with the song. Along with those slight 'irritations' and the sometimes awkward pattern changes, all of those things make the song sooo worth playing. Keep up the good work
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