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Default Re: SM Scores ~2019 Remix~

Yeah, that Intersect Thunderbolt caught me off-guard.

Looks like someone wanted to play some kaiten dumpfiles there. Goddamn them scores, though...*sweating*

Soon. Soon I will have the AAA. And try to get over 93% MA.

Thought it'd be funny to play on 1.1x. I was actually surprised by how much harder it is with the hammers.

I believe this file is overrated on Etterna. Then again, some parts are just lolhard for me. :'( I'm surprised I even AA'd it, though.

idk i got nothin'

At least it's a AAA. -_-

At least it's a AAA. -_-

The choking is real. I also never thought that, one day, I could actually play songs with 1000+ notes and get ddp's with halfway decent accuracy. It's almost surreal.
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