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Default Re: TWG CLXXXV: C9+++++++++ Game Thread

Phoneposting because my laptop is officially unusuable. Windows won't boot and reformatting it doesn't work. Repairing drive doesn't work. Spent 3 hours in pre-boot CMD this morning only to lose hope. Either need a new hard drive or a new motherboard. I'm leaning (hoping) motherboard and maybe I can have a professional extract my data so I don't lose every photo back from 2012.


I was starting to second guess my read on Daikyi remembering MML's insistence it wasn't raeko and was daikyi, so I did my due diligence to avoid clearing anyone too early. Daikyi isn't wolfing. If he is then I've lost and brought town down with me, but I'm not gonna let tinfoiling and overthinking end up throwing game away. There's too much natural progression and and genuity evident in his thought process. The MML lynch, for instance, was necessary for a chance at a wolf victory, and while Daikyi pushed it, it wasn't as artificial as MML made it seem. The previous phase, Daikyi confirmed MML as cop (despite vocal distaste of his play) and was operating on the premise of lynching Haku until Haku claimed cop as well. He only changed his mind away from believing claims once Antori flipped and it became confirmed that a cop was lying.

Gradiant is super town imo. I went back to EoD D0 to see how genuine his Antori push was and even up to 5 minutes away from EoD he was pushing for the Antori wagon over all else. If Antori was godfather or something then I'd reconsider but a hard serious push to lynch the wolf that confirms setup from D0 is tough to swallow. Aside from that, his ISO shows he wasnt skating by as much as I thought he was. There's a bunch of examples of little things that he caught and asked about that indicate town trying to solve. Think I'd even vote Daikyi before Gradiant.

I said I'd leave a will of sorts in case I draw the NK

This is it: lynch Raeko. Out of every game I've ever played with her, the only two she's ever played like this were the SK game and a wolf game. Roundbox had the same idea if you go back and read his criteria. Also there's a lot of little things that scream partnership with Antori.
D0 at EoD as Antori was becoming more at risk, Raeko says she's voting between WV/Shado. There's also an interaction with Antori where he asks her wolf leans "because he hasn't heard them yet", she replies including him among 3 others and this is her read: "My suspicions on you (Antori) are mostly because of some general anti-town things you said. But I know you are a relatively new player still so it may just be a lack of experience talking and I don't want to run in the same circles every single game."

Just lynch raeko. Don't overthink game.
OK whew ready to end phase whenever now

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