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Default Re: ~Zero~'s Bracket Tourney

Originally Posted by iceefudgesickle View Post
If you aren't very good at this song then I don't think you'll be able to beat this (srry!)
Don't worry, I'm not really suppose to be in the semi-final in the first place. Only reason I'm here is because my opponent chose to forget about the tournament. 4th place is good for me, I never make it this far in any tournament usually.

Don't take that as a resignation though, I'm gonna keep trying to beat that score, but with my score currently at 32-1-0-5, don't expect any miracles.

Originally Posted by Findarian
get a sand hack and don't chicken scratch it and if someone does something stupid hack burn
Originally Posted by Dannytwobyfore
I wouldn't blame them, playing jump dense Konami files in DDR would make anyone's dick hard, maybe that's why the only thing anyone does anymore is stream.
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