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Originally Posted by manganok View Post
Come on man, you are one of the best player out there. Take the two songs I quote and feel the beat. If you are sync on badinerie, you are not in euthanasia (musically speaking). it's a rythm based game, I'm playing listening to the music more than looking at the arrows and hit them at the time it's over the transparents ones.

EDIT: well, Euthanasia is't a good exemple the difference isn't so big but what I means is that some stepfile aren't so well made.
I have both of those aaad and had no problems getting them. So idk man.

Also, rapta, it might not only be your guys computers but that could definitely play a role in it. Like i said before, i dont eveer change the offset and i never have issues. Dont know why i would be the only one?

Edit: Just aaad badinerie and it seems fine to me. The notes just go to a different beat than you would expect.
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