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Originally Posted by TheSaxRunner05 View Post
Right now Zenith, I feel borderline, do you think the D5 border needs moved up or down? Where would I fall in your suggestion?
Personally, D5 should be bumped slightly higher than what it is currently at. No more than 6650 in Skill Rating but the lowest to get into D5 should honestly be set straight at 6600. That would mean you would be consider High D4 until you can surpass 66 SDGs and Oni get.

That being said, D6 would have to get bumped too and likewise to D7. If D5 was set at 6600, with D6 currently being 7600, that's too close for one division. Like AJ had mentioned, that's where a trickle down effect would occur.

TL;DR, all divisions could get a 150-300 Skill Rating increase, having it scale like this:

D1: 150
D2: 175
D3: 200
D4: 225
D5: 250
D6: 275
D7: 300

And these are add-ons from the current Skill Rating that they are at as of now.
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and then you realize retaining skill is like 95% of the game after d7
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