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Default Re: [University - C++ Programming] Filling an Array with RNG & Display Contents

Alright I've got it all to work. The line that I was having trouble with was really simple (I knew I was over thinking it) and I actually had the answer a long time ago, just VS said there was an error (when there wasn't) and all I needed to do was re-build the solution. Hopefully VS co-operates with me next time :P thanks all for your help, once again it's much appreciated. If you guys want some credits for the time you spent explaining things to me, just post in this thread or PM me and I'll happily give you some.

Originally Posted by llyair View Post
This page explains different uses of function names:
Appreciate the link man, cleared up some confusion I had. Definitely helped.

Originally Posted by FoJaR View Post
also i'm not sure what your teacher's policy on
using namespace std
is but generally it is not the best idea
I have no idea why this is a bad idea (please enlighten me on why, curious to know) but that's just what the teacher supplied us with. I dunno if he did it for us c++ newbies or if he actually writes his code like that.

Originally Posted by FoJaR View Post
btw: the first instance of Display() is a prototype, the second is the call from main, and the third is the actual declaration.
This was a major help, especially when I read over the link that llyair provided, I'm pretty sure a few things clicked.
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