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Smile I知 not dead okay?

Hey guys! I知 back from my absence.

So I知 sure none of you are wondering why I was gone for almost 2 months? Well here is why: I got bored of this game and my computer broke.

So yeah. I still need to get it repaired and I知 currently messaging from my phone. I might still be inactive for a while but I知 only making this forum to show you I am not dead.

If you missed me then congrats you earn a golden star!1!!1

Well thanks for checking in on me and on this update/post that didn稚 take me long to make.

And to prove that my computer is actually broken and I知 not faking, here is a picture:

Once again, thanks for checking in and taking your time to learn that I知 not dead.

Centipede out!

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