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Default Re: Rushy's Carnival!

Whoops. Ok, you see, I had a previous score of 1330m, and then I kept going and got a score of 1342m. I shot again thinking that was lower without taking a screenshot, then suddenly realized that I failed at math and proceeded to take this screenshot. So look at the part where it says previous score please >.<

Also, apparently, no one please ask me for help with any math, I can't even do arithmetic right .

This is the best I can do on this so far, I'll hopefully improve, but in case I don't here you go.

Originally Posted by Findarian
get a sand hack and don't chicken scratch it and if someone does something stupid hack burn
Originally Posted by Dannytwobyfore
I wouldn't blame them, playing jump dense Konami files in DDR would make anyone's dick hard, maybe that's why the only thing anyone does anymore is stream.
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