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Default Re: Nov/Dec 2019 Set 4

Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
I can understand disliking the song. Punk isn't exactly the go to genre when thinking about rhythm game music. However i personally like the song, and i think its a song that quite a few people would like to see in FFR (if the reaction to bloody mary, kate, and ashley is anything to go by) I dont see the problem with letting this song in game. it is an actual song, and unless there is an issue with the audio file it self, it shouldn't be more "painful" than things already in game like RATO.

I would like to appeal this and get a second judges opinion. I dont see personal taste in music as something that a file should be rejected for.
If what ositzxz said is true and its auto reject (because I haven't been around lately in the last 10 years and don't really know anything about permissions anymore), I'm perfectly ok swapping his accepted file with yours.

I also wanted to ask another judge for their opinion too because I didn't want my judgement to be the ultimate determination because of song choice. Perfectly fine with me, though I will say back in the day we could and did reject some stuff because of the song itself. We tried to decide for the public what we thought they would enjoy, because that's what we were chosen to do. That was part of the job as a judge back then, both in FFR and SM packs

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