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Default Re: FFR Unofficial Tournament 2018 Feat. RamenBox [Get2.5thPlace

Originally Posted by rushyrulz View Post
What happened to D3?

Few people still owed tokens. I'll pm once all the rankings are final
There were some complaints regarding D3; however, in the end, I ultimately decided to keep things as they are in the dashboard. I'm sorry to those that find this decision dissatisfying; feel free to message me if you have questions about this decision.

1st: Thegaminggenius
2nd: Totoxri
3rd: mewtikz

Not happening now! Don't click to join!

Originally Posted by Spenner View Post
(^)> peck peck says the heels
Originally Posted by Xx{Midnight}xX
And god made ben, and realized he was doomed to miss. And said it was good.
Originally Posted by Zakvvv666
awww :< crushing my dreams; was looking foward to you attempting to shoot yourself point blank and missing
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