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Default Re: 11th Official Tournament - Round 7

Originally Posted by VisD View Post
i kind of want to step a mid-diff t11 file, like mid 50s, low 60s. just to let the up-and-comers know this is what they're working towards - that is all there is at the end...300bpm fart+buzz noises

(not completely serious about that last part, obviously. just can't find a song i really like to do it with
You should step VC-tier t11 files, it's actually a lot of fun to do.
The usual layering is basically the same as the FSO files too, except you use single arrows instead of jumps for loud snares/kicks and use just a single jump or color theory or something for buzzes instead of actually stepping them out with rolls. Tends to make really fun files, depending on the song you choose and how aggressive you are about stepping buzzes as rolls vs. acknowledging them with something easier you can make any difficulty you want up to like low FGO.

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