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Default Re: can we get an interview thread

Originally Posted by devonin View Post
Oh man, that last one, questions for the HIRING PERSON to be asked by the one GETTING interviewed? If you asked me any of those I'd just show you the door. Fuck right off asking me my plans for the business in 10 years, or how great I think you'd be if you got hired.

I also love how these things give so much contradictory information.

When asked "What would the person who likes you least in the world say about you?" you're supposed to pick a quality that is sort of negative but which you could spin into a positive. And then also, NEVER LIE. Pretty sure if the person who likes you least in the world only has "He's impatient" to say about you, you're full of shit.
Small business employers actually know what the hell they're doing when they hire people and I agree 100%. For larger corporations or in government offices, I would imagine some of these techniques would sadly pay off :/
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