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Default Partner Tourney Contest!

Welcome to the Partner Tourney Contest! In this tournament you will be playing an FFR Tournament, but you must also select a partner to play with you. You and your partner must play the song provided in this thread. Once played and your happy with your scores, take a screen shot and post it here.

Warning: Select a reliable player with skill as good as yours, or better.

Step to Success:
1. You play the song provided by the tournament with your partner. (Separately)
2. Post a SS of your game. (Both players. One Post)
3. Your totals will be added up together.
4. The partners with the most points wins that round.
5. People who do not meet the limit are disqualified.

Partner Divisions:




*Need people for donations. (Donations Directly To Me {Please PM me if you sent credits.})
**Need users to help organize the thread.
***Need entrants.
****Can contact on AIM:T3chn0Beat

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