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Default Re: TWG CLXXIX: The Third FE Mystery Game Game Thread

Charu has been a good birb this game.
Manti has been more quiet ish, but I think that's the good quiet.
I have blind as null because I don't know how to read into him and I don't know what to conclude from his stance on me.
I also like MML's progression so far despite what I said at the very beginning.
Xel posts have went over my head [insert helicopter joke] and I don't know how to read into them.
Mellon/Funny/Roundbox interactions doesn't look too good for me, but I lack content.
Tokzic/Blind are apparently my arch nemesis. I'll have to keep an eye on them.
lol who_cares leaving after 5 posts.
Not much else coming in mind.
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