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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
reasoning makes 0 sense. I'm saying you overreacted to a push onto andy, and i'm not seeing any true justification for the magnitude of response for the magnitude of the original push.

are you ignoring everything i said? When a player, new or not, takes the guy with 2 posts and says "this guy is scum" completely seriously, that's reason to push. doing "something" does not mean a player is giving a very strange read, that becomes quite obvious that they're not able to elaborate on. I expected him to either, A) have actual reasons that he could easily elaborate on to dispell any issues, or B) not have actual reasons, whereupon he did eventually re-examine his read on AA and retract it. I decided to continue to talk because it's nice having a solid base of interactions
oh and this one as well
Originally Posted by Charu View Post
So I'm minding my own damn business, right? Some scrub that plays some of dem dank games comes up and randomly says, in the most monotone voice, "hi". I was baffled, if not, stumped from this noise that was produced from that memers throat. I wanted to know the deep dark secrets to this mysterious noise. I started to research the meaning of life as I took the data from this encounter. 25 years later, I discovered that I was a piece of paper.

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