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Default Re: September/October 2016 Set 2

James May finished the primary judge task for September/October 2016 Set 2. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the September/October 2016 post.

[8*/10] Alien Lair {Shnabubula} (MarioNintendo)
-The jacks at 4.805 (and same instance in 5.155, 5.505, etc.) should have the jump accompanying it to accentuate the piano like you had prior to this.
-**18.926, 21.493, and similar instances: Not sure if it’s my headphones but I am not hearing a sound heavy enough to justify a hand here, a jump would be better suited for these sounds.
-**22.893, 24.293, 24.526, similar instances: Missing a jump in these spots if you're following the piano melody for the jumps.
-OPTIONAL: at 25.085, you can get away with putting a 192nd on here, you might need to adjust the triplets to compensate for the transitioning. Probably a 43(1)2 would feel a bit wonky and a 43(2)2 would cause some frame issues for people using Legacy or Velocity engines, so if you can't find a way to implement that, no worries about it.
-26.626: You have a hand on here and on 27.093 but not on 26.860 even though the impact of the sound is similar on these three parts I mentioned. Either make the jump on 26.860 a hand or have the other two hands a jump.
-28.260: Should be a single note due to the progression.
-40.471: the 12th jump should be a 32 gallop, with the 2 being on the 8th note on 40.510
-40.889: you can get away with adding a 32nd here to have the piano gallop effect here.
-41.326: [43] jump here.
-**42.026 to 42.726: I'm surprised that this section is empty considering that you have sections similar to this filled with 12ths to accentuate the drums considering the progression of the file.
-43.893: I would argue to put this as a 24th burst but considering the speed, it would be better to put the 12ths as 32 instead of 41.
-46.178: missing note here, should be on 1, its a 192nd
-46.401: remove the 16th here.
-1:19.622: remove the 32nd here, the piano doesn't have the swing as opposed to 40.889
-1:37.112: shift the 48th up, have the 4th note be a [34] jump.
-1:44.365: as opposed to the 24th on 1:44.132, there's no gallop to emphasize the 24th on here.
-2:02.565 & 2:02.643: missing a 24th & 8th on those two spots respectively, should be on a 2 (the 24th) and a 3 (the 8th)
-2:10.533: missing a 6th here, should be on a 2
-2:51.060: Jump here feels off since you're using the jumps to follow the piano rather than the precussions here.
-**2:59.226 to 3:00.626: This is actually a continuous 16th stream if you listen closely. If you do not want to make it all the way, at least include the 4ths on 2:59.460, 2:59.926, and 3:00.393
-Overall, this is a fun file, of course there were some minor technical flaws and questionable placements, but it didn't ruin the flow of the file. Just double check the major hiccups (denoted by a **) of the file and it should be good to go!

[0/10] Fatalize {Kosuke Fujishima} (j-wal1442)
-Holds and mines aren't allowed in FFR submissions. Also, the file isn't 60 BPM. And...did you CTRL+R when you made the file?
-And there's apparently a blank edit chart in there as well?
-The BPM should be 159 and the offset should be .437 (give or take a millisecond or two)
-There's numerous issues in this file in terms of layering and patterning. I recommend that you take a look at a few guides on how to make a proper file for FFR before considering on sending files to submit. If anything, getting a proper sync on the files is the utmost important thing as it creates a basic base on the file. Then comes the technical and expressive flow of the file.

[9/10] New Game {Nitro Fun} (juckter1)
-offset should be 0.120, using the adjusted time.
-I actually can't find much wrong with it. The climax was done right (the 32nd roll climax), and I love the usage of the 192nds on here. Only one issue though...
-Remove the quad on 53.557 and finish that 48th roll (you know which roll I'm talking about lmao), it is missing 4 notes from it. The hand can be a simple [123] hand. Other than that, great job on the file and looking forward for it to seeing it in the game!

[8/10] Temple {Shnabubla} (MarioNintendo)
-15.932 to 16.332: Should complete the 16th runs here. Likewise, remove the 48th and 32nd that's on 16.282 and 16.298 and make the 4th on 16.332 a [124] hand.
-23.582, 23.632 & 23.765: remove those notes, there's 2 12ths. One on 23.665 that should be on the 3 column, and one on 23.798 on the 2 column.
-27.232: Shift the jump down to a 12th (27.265)
-49.482: Might want to rethink that placement, the transition feels iffy, might want to make it a 43[12] transition instead of a 42[13] transition.
-1:25.931: rethink this hand placement. you have similar sounds to this later in the same area as jumps.
-1:47.232: sound doesn't justify for this to be a hand, a jump at best but not a hand.
-1:47.732: Should be a jump here for consistency with the piano.
-1:48.532 to 1:48.732: remove the 16th jump that's on 1:48.632 and put the jumps on the 8th & 4th respectively, preferably a [34] on the 8th and a [12] on the 4th.
-1:51.132: shift the note down a 96th as well as the 4th on 1:51.932.
-Some of the issues are repeated in the second half, my main issues is that the static sounds that goes to the hands are inconsistently layered throughout the file. While it doesn't necessarily ruin the file itself, while it’s not as much of an issue as it is in Alien Lair, I just need clarification on it since the hands doesn't line up with the piano jumps. This file is really fun and I definitely want this to be polished up just a tad bit. Other than that, love the file.
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