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Default League of Legends

I could not find another thread of this here so I made a new one.

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Q: What is League of Legends?

A: It's a freaking awesome game of 3v3 or 5v5 where you control a champion and bash other people's faces in with magic or lampposts, pushing down towers until you finally infiltrate the enemy base and gloat in their faces.

No seriously though, it's basically DotA or HoN, if you know those two, but this game is completely free to play. If you don't know what those two are, it's basically World of Warcraft meets Starcraft. And if you don't know what those two are, it's basically a game of strategy, but with role-playing game elements, such as leveling up.

In the beginning, you're really playing for the feel of the environment, but once you get more experience, you'll see that it is a very deep strategy game that is constantly being adjusted and updated, keeping you on your toes.

Q: Why can't I just play HoN or DotA?

A: You could, but this game is free, which means it's that much easier to get your friends to play. Graphics, while worse than HoN and DotA in comparison, are still good enough that it won't affect your gameplay. You'll still have the whole experience without being interrupted by bad graphics. But if your concern is that you WANT to spend money, well, that is also an option if you want. There are certain things in the game you can buy with money, but nothing that'll give you an advantage in the game itself.

Q: Hmm, I'm not totally convinced.

A: There are tons of features in this game that you'll never get bored of. Masteries, in-game items, summoner systems, runes, over 60 champions to choose from, 2 maps, tournaments and events, different queues for both casual and competitive gamers, it'll keep itself fresh forever. If anything, just try it. If you don't like it, uninstall it. Not everyone will like it, but since it's free, the only thing you have to lose by trying it is a little bit of your time. And that goes for anything else you try.


List of people of the FFR/KBO/SM community who play and their summoner names:

Username - Summoner Name [if they are 30] {Alt. Name1 ; Alt. Name2; etc}

stargroup - CosmoVibe [30] {Firehead123 ; JelloSlicer ; Hi I Will Gank U}
lyricalnick - nickd2312 [30] {JapaneseName ; IM DOING DRAGON}
Shameimaru - illshouyu [30]
bLastamos - If Blast Return [30] {Tower Hug}
Paexaea - Paexaea [30]
lurker - Stepman [28]
Xiaounlimited - Xiaounlimited [30]
chauster - chauster [30] <-- WCG WORLD CHAMPION WHOOOOO
roundbox - roundbox [30]
phe0nixblade - lxDarkMagicxl [30]
Kibblre - Kibblre [30]
bluguerilla - dDamage [30]
Mr. Nothing - Naletol- [30]
Wineandbread - Wineandbread [30]
massflavour - nakamichi
Kekeb - Prolifical [30]
fireking550 - Soverence
TC_Chronichild420 - StiffNipplez
fullmetal_alchemist027 - Delirium Gray
x_Dragun_x - Desolation
Zamaix - Zamaix [30]
masterhickle - Dalebert [30]
MaxGhost - MaxGhost6
Hurleyisgod - Hurleyisgod [30]
Xx DarkLink xX - OMFJesus
All_That_Chaz - AllThatChaz [30]
_Stepdude_ - Zalixor
Partisan - Partisan [30]
Coolboyrulez0 - CBRx
ChrisReams - Tenreiken [30]
vemuck - vemuck [30]
NekoGon - Astrosexy
DemonsCage4 - SanityxSeven
macgravel - MacGravel
unkanown444 - unknown444
yo man im awesome - mypetshrubery
DancingCow - DancingCow [30]
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