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Default Re: New FFR Features ?

Originally Posted by SputnikOwns View Post
That sounds good to me. Who wins tournaments at the moment is kind of a function of who's near the highest level of each division.
There's chances to be creative with new ways of unlocking Fractured and vrofl instead of top 8. Like at 1000 and 500 average rank.
I guess the cutoffs would just depend on what skill level you'd like to cut off at. I'm bottom-tier D5 with most of my songs optimized to my skill level, and I'm sitting just below 170 for example. Most players who have played all songs end up being at least D4 from all the practice, so 1000 I feel would be way too high of a bar. A D3 player would likely be able to get under 500, but like I said, it depends on what skill level is in mind if you go that route.

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