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Default Re: Anime North 2014 discussion/hype/planning thread

Originally Posted by samurai7694 View Post
I won't promise anything yet, but I'm thinking of using money to pay for the airplane ticket FIRST then worry about the other stuff. I'll have to rely on Christmas money since birthday money got me about $250 and I still need more. However things might change (for the better maybe) if I end up living in Massachusetts starting sometime next year before Anime North. I'm undecided at the moment.

I'll make it up to you guys this year if there's a piano around somewhere. I'd love to play songs for you all and even create a song dedicated to this meetup (with lyrics). If not then I'll just record the song at home and show it in person.
Dude, if you have the money to get there I'm pretty sure the rest can be worked out somehow! Just be sure to post here in case you have issues getting in the way and maybe people will have ideas that will help making it happen!Also inb4_coolboyrulez0.mp4

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something something nate lever
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I don't fucking know there is apparently more genders in 2019 than there are concentration camp victims
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Det är okej om djuret är större än du.
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