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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

I should probably post what the other sets are so you guys know where the files are.

These are not complete yet, 9 and 10 have lead judgements (not posted) and just need supplemental notes (basically I need to look through the files, make sure AJ's notes/ratings look good). Will have these two up by end of day tomorrow.

All is fair in RAGE (DarkZtar)
Gate Openerz (DarkZtar)
PrayStation (gameboy42690)
Renatus (rCaliberGX)
The Fated Hour (Silvuh)

Call me it. (500 Tortures) (hi19hi19)
Miniboss (Silvuh)
Rampage (icontrolyourworld)
Ripcord (ilikexd)
Stage 1 (hi19hi19)

Altale (DarkZtar)
Amnolys (bmah)
Gin Tonic Flavor (hi19hi19)
Paraclete (ilikexd)
Suit Up (gameboy42690)

Akasha (ilikexd)
Hyperdisco (FFR Pro 21)
Reach (blanky!)
Red Sphere, Blue Sphere (Silvuh)
The Devil Plays Dance Games (ilikexd)

Decretum (XelNya)
FrainBreeze (MarioNintendo)
G4M3 0V3R (gameboy42690)
La Tristess Durera Toujours (XelNya)
This Will Be The Day (TC_Halogen)

Doki-Doki (xXOpkillerXx)
Megalovania (Guest15937)
Ringo's Tea Party (Scintill)
Seiran's Mad Hammer (Scintill)
Try This (rushyrulz)

Our Journey and Epilogue (Yoshl)
Polis Ruin (Reshiram)
Scrambled Eggman (Silvuh)
The Moon (M0nkeyz)
Visitor (DarkZtar)
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