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Default Re: Do I need to upgrade my keyboard?

Originally Posted by Poison- View Post
Honestly man, I don't think the keyboard is what's holding your scores back.
Originally Posted by Dinglesberry View Post
keep in mind that attang got to absolute top level using a macbook keyboard as well as a membrane keyboard. a mech will probably help and it feels nicer for general typing too but its definitely not required and won't just make you instantly better
Going to echo this. Zenith got to D7 using probably one of the worst laptops I've heard of anyone in recent times using, some relic Apple G-Book or something along those lines, Funnygurl is a high level D6 player who also uses a laptop keyboard, so it's all about the individuals skills first and foremost.

It might help, and would certainly be an upgrade, but on the flip side of that coin, you might just invest the money into it and still be at the same exact skill level.

Personally I primarily use an old Dell SK8115 membrane keyboard as well as newer chiclet style one as I've never had reason to suspect my keyboard to be the issue with my scores/skill.
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hey great contribution to the thread cucklord the exit's up in the top right of your screen, it's called "log out"
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