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Default Re: Puzzle & Dragons

Right now, sitting at Rank 88 almost 89, monster box has 270 slots. Looking to power up a ton of my gods/high ranking warriors right now, including Red Dragon Caller, Sonia, Belial, Blazing Hammer Brute, Prometheus, Dark Angel Metatron, and Tiamat.
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Also why is "summon" in quotation marks as usually that signifies an alternate meaning like for example last night I "visited" your mother but it really means last night I "fucked her in the ass" so exactly what is the subtext of "summon" because I am not sure I am comfortable with the implications

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im usually the "nice guy" around these parts.. but this is bad, and you should feel bad. i would rather dip my balls in honey and hover them over a red ant hill than to ever hear such butchered crap.
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